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We are happy you found us! If you're new to Soccer Speed - book an elite one on one session with our staff and receive a thirty minute evaluation for $35. Our staff will create a tailor made proposal for you and what is best for your development!

Become A Member

So you have been to a kickstart and you realize this is just the place for your development! Our Membership is the next step for you! Membership is $25 for the year! Yes, you read that correctly for the whole year! This membership gives you discounts on all of the sessions as well as gives you a T-Shirt! Be sure that you register for the correct location best for you! 


After signing up for your first Elite KickStart you will want to follow the process listed below:

1:1/ Small Group

  1. Sign up online

  2. Go through sign up process 

  3. Download GymMaster App to your phone 

  4. Click on Private Training Session

  5. Chose the location best for you

  6. Select a time 

  7. Please repeat this for the entirety of your package until all of your sessions are booked. We are not responsible if you are unable to use the package in the given amount of time before the package expires



  1. Download GymMaster

  2. Click book classes, or see upcoming classes

  3. Recognize class options that are in Red color are drop in. Please be sure to check the age range before signing up. 

  4. Click book now

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