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A business built out of the pandemic, Chad Swieca did not expect it to become what it is today. Coming home from doing his mission work in Liberia, Africa, he had no idea what the next steps were for his life. He came home to his parents' house, quarantined for 2 weeks then began reaching out to parents to train their kids. Before he knew it Chad’s private training business had grown to 20+ clients with a parent looking for an indoor facility to build out. Being extremely disciplined over the next 3 months entering August of 2020 Chad had found a building. Dixon Valley Campus donated old turf from Wheaton College and Soccer Speed was born. He came to the realization that kids wanted more training, which they were not receiving from their clubs. Swieca wanted to find a cost effective way through classes to reach the masses, small groups to push the mid level players, and private training for kids striving for even more.

Respect is an integral part of Soccer Speed as classes are not all the same age or level but everyone respects one another and gives different players opportunities to either mentor or be mentored. Faith is our last piece as every player has to have faith in themselves to be able to achieve their goals! 

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