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Our Clinics happen during all of the school long weekends, such as Labor Day and Columbus Day. All clinics are 2.5 hours long and carry a 12:1 coach ratio. We will have specific locations that will cater to certain player levels and some locations will have more than 1 clinic per day! All Clinics are $50 no matter the location you are at, this is a great chance for players to get extra touches on the ball! 



Shooting Clinic is exactly as it sounds, spending 2.5 hours working on various types of shooting. This is for mid level and elite level players. This is not an age specific clinic, will be split into u13, and 13+ category. 


Playmaker Clinic's are always going to be for the best of the best players in specific age group. In order to attend you must be on a team that is either Academy, ECNL, MWPL 1-2, or E64.


Touches Clinic is for everybody! This is a very singular based clinic where every single player is going to be working on their own individual game the entire time. We aim to get over 1000 touches on the ball in the 2.5 hours!

Futsal Clinic September 23

Dan Scaccia from Australia previous Womens national team futsal coach is coming to Chicago for one day. All players welcome! 

What Our Pro's Say


Ena Sabanagic
Bosnian National Team

"Training with Q has honestly been amazing. He has brought my confidence to a whole new level and every training he pushes 110% out of me. He stays pushing me everyday whether it be physically or mentally and I’m beyond grateful for him."
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