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Parent Education Seminars

Over the last 2 years of soccer speed many parents are calling me asking questions, as more parents have come through, my time for these phone calls become less and less. I have decided to offer this year kicking off in February at Soccer Speed Batavia Parent Education Seminars. These seminars will happen once a month. These seminars will be given by Chad and other professionals in the specific topic areas. Many of these topics are things that parents have asked me over the last 2 years and in reality I do not have the time to give every parent 1 hour of conversations. These seminars will do just that for all of you, and offer time for questions as well. As well as learn more on what you as a parent should be looking for as your Athlete grows and develops. These will be $25 per family to attend.

*Next to kids recommended to attend.

February 11th 5pm

What additional training a player should look to do? How to Avoid Burnout. How to get the most out of your athlete as a parent.

March 11th 5pm

How to choose the right club, and how do you know it is the right one for your player?

April 15th 5pm *

College recruiting and how to go about it. What is good and what money grabs. Showcases. 

-Player workshop offered towards making a college profile for coaches.

May 13th 5pm *

  Eating right, sleep routines, and growing literally.

June 10th 5pm

How to handle a players mindset as a parent.

July 15th 5pm

Children’s Psychology

August 5th 5pm *

How to handle disappointment and injury

September 23rd 5pm

What are the best things a player can do on their own to improve

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